Department of Management This department has the central position, In addition, supervision and And teacher's appointment or Termination orders, as well as safety and publication of Maslak Jamia, are belong to this department. Hazrat Maulana Sohail Ahmed nadwi is responsible and Nazim for this department.
Department of Education This section has a great potential among all sections because the same section is fulfilling the target of organization.
Accounts Section The department keeps the account of income and expenditure of the institution. Section keeps the complete account of the salary, and all sorts of income and expenditure whatever denomination they have. its receipts are issued from the same section. Each amount is registered in the same section and a voucher is made for every expenditure which bears the signature of cashier and recipient both.
Department of Nazra Alhamdulillah, in this section, students from Nurani Qaedah to Nazirah Quran Kareem are taught with complete tajweed
Department of Tahfeezul Quran In this sector, students memorize the Qur'an, which is an important task. The rules and regulations are properly taught. Experts in this sector are performing services with day night monitoring.
The Department of Tajweed and Qiraat In this section Tajweed and Qiraat’s Books are taught, as well as practice of Tarti, Tadweer and Hadar and Ijra are taught.
Department of Persian In this department, some of the major books of Persian from Aamad Naamah, Faarsi ki pahli, Gulzaar-e-dabista to Gulsitaan and bostan are taught.
Department of Arabic Alhamdulillah In this department, from the Arabi Awwal upto Darja-e- Daura-e-Hadith Sharif are taught.
Department of Primary sector After the completion of Nurani Qaayedah, it is managed to teach Hindi and English till class five along with Nazarah Quran Kareem.
Department of Urdu and Diniyat The Urdu Curriculum also starts with the Nurani Qaedah
Darul Iqamah This department has special role in the internal affairs of the institute, such as supervision of residential arrangements for students, External supervision during off periods. In case of any one falls ill all medical helps are provided. In winter, distribution of Quilts and blankets etc. is related to this department.
Kitchen In this sector, In order to keep up the concentration in study the department's duty is to preparing meal properly and timely, Its duty includes sharing and recording of its full account. For the present the Madrasah provides food for 505 students
Department of Daawat and Tableegh Special focus on Daawat and Tableegh, is given so that academic and practical abilities are produced in the students. Alhamdulillah in this section, students invite the dear people to pray namaz and active religious education.
Department of Publications All the things are published by this department which is taught essential and important for deen and Shariat and in the interests of the institution
Department of Speech