You can help Darul Uloom By Donating:

  • Estimated cost of one/room classes
  • Construction material and electric items
  • Books for the library and books for the prize of students.
  • Salary of Teachers (Rs 12000 per month)
  • One day expenditure of RS 12000 for the mess
  • Total expenditure of a "Hafiz" (Rs 1000/month)
  • Total expenditure of a student pursuing "Fazilah" course (Rs 1000/Month)
  • You can also help Darul Uloom by praying for it and giving your valuable suggestions
Bank Details
Name: Darul Uloom Al-Islamia
A/C NO:18242191026394
Ifsc Code:PUNB0182410
Phulwari sharif,patna 801505