Department of Excellence

Currently Hifz and Nazira the status of education visited Hadith aadadyh is, that education and training are obligated twenty-two (22) The teachers, the translated Quran Teaching Member of style classes, interpretation, rule interpretation, hadith , the principle is the Hadith, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, syntax usrf, eloquence, Arabic literature, logic and philosophy, history, Persian literature and Hindi in studies asryh the opposite, science, mathematics and English education, annual curriculum in every grade has been set for completion of monthly courses, exams one year for duamumy are taught to all books, curriculum, academic assessment, Half and placed in the care annually, starch in both tests, VI is only written exam to visit him in Arabic, others are speaking and writing the exams in grades, IV aadadyh status for improvement in teaching Arabic every month the speech test, the good effects are seen.