Daily Life of Al-Islamia

Students are awakened half an hour before in the earlymorning, Students engage in recitation and study afterattending to natures call and Wudhu, And some studentsworship the Tahajjud, in summer students are awakeneda bit late. After prayer Namaz-e-fajr, a student recitessome Masnoon dua and two Hadith with translation.After this, all the students recite Qoran for 20 min, thenthe education process begins, After the Namaz-e-Zuhar,academic questions are done for ten minutes and thestudents respond to these questions, Then they areengaged with education, After Namaz-e-Asar a studentreads two verses of Quran with translation, and astudent reads a quote from a book. Before Namaz-e-Maghrib students participate in different sports in thesupervision of teachers, For this, the organizationprovides football and volleyball, after completing thegame, students go to the mosque 10 minutes before.And after Namaz-e-Maghrib, a student recites aneffective Duas of evening. After reading the SurahWaqiyah, all students become relieved in repetition andstudy, Then after the Namaz-e-Isha a student of Darja-e-Hifz recites a Ruku of Quran with Tajweed. After that, allstudents study and discuss in the supervision of teacherstill eleven o'clock.

And it is not hidden on anyone, that vulgarity and evilwhich is increasing rapidly It is very inevitable to counterit more vigorously. And day to day the moral conditionsof students are going downward. It was necessary thatsome of the actions should be done as “Tiryaq” like theelite and the people of God. And for the Ummah with thethought of their purification of soul and generalrighteousness, special prayer should be placed beforeAlmighty Allah. Alhamdulillah during recent few months,there has been regular practice on every Friday’s nightafter Namaz-e-Isha to read the Collectively prayer“Chahal Salat salam” (which is printed in a booklet). Andits benefits are being felt.